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We are recruiting Marketers nationwide and are providing them with an opportunity to earn 25% commission on every Member they successfully register on our site, 25% of car dealership registration as well as all other professional body registration and 25% on advert slot sale. A Special Marketer ID is generated for marketers upon registration which identifies their sales on their Dashboard real time, on time at all times. A Marketer can log in to see all his or her sales plus accrued earnings.


Earnings : All Marketers receive their pay out next day upon their request every thursday through their registered bank details.

Our Marketers stand a chance to earn from N200000 to N500000 per month plus so much more.

Marketers are also members, so all benefits and entitlements of members are theirs too.

25% Commission on every Member subscription + professional body registrations. You also earn same commissions for life on their renewals.

Plus N35000 declared dividend per month per target met for Marketers. (450 members)

Car giveaway to the best Marketer of the year among those with accumulated yearly target of 20000 members plus N250000 in cash

N250000 additional Bonus Per Year for an accumulated yearly target of 20000 members for all marketers meeting this target

Marketers are also entitled to all member benefits

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Marketers Requirements: Must be highly motivated, you are selling a product that benefits members, it is an easy sell for a well-informed confident marketer.

Everybody is your target, Limitless Targets. There is never a saturation point.

Targets: Everybody, our Benefits are for all members , regardless of whether the member has a car to sell or not so encourage anybody and everybody to become members based on the Benefits.

Other Targets : are Car Owners, Auto shops, Dealers/Individual Car Sellers, Advertisers, Media buyers, Students, Church Members, Taxi Drivers, Spare Parts Dealers, haulage and Logistics and all individuals regardless of if they own cars or not.

Target Businesses - For advert slots on our sponsored posts and page header Banners, everybody is your target.

Our concept for this company, is a company where employees have a vested interest. Our Marketers must first become Members before they can register as Marketers and Membership cost N1200 per annum which is N100 per month. We believe that when you pay a token to register as Member/Marketer, then it is an investment in yourself to succeed and we believe that having invested in yourself, you will be highly motivated to go out and prove yourself plus justify your investment. You become like a shareholder, which is why we pay you dividends on targets met.

As a Member though a Marketer, you are also qualified and entitled to all member benefits.

As a Marketer we advise that you have a mobile smart device data enabled eg phone or tablet that takes good pictures with internet access because there will be situations whereby you are about to conclude a sell and the potential customer tells you that he/she is not with a smart phone or is out of internet access. In such moments you offer to use your own. Marketing materials will be sent to you via email as well.

Must be highly motivated, you are selling a product that benefits members, it is an easy sell for a well-informed confident marketer, so make sure to absorb page by page contents of this site. You must be knowledgeable; an expert in what you are selling

Also we made payment for this service easy as members can pay either using their bank cards, bank accounts number or our company Payment Voucher.


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