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Job recruitment is currently taking place at UseMyCar.com.ng as we intend to empower the youths with a platform to earn viable extra income plus so much more. Our marketing Job offer is online based and earns up to 25% commission.

WHO ARE WE: Usemycar.com.ng is primarily a free platform for people to buy and sell vehicles; in fact you can start your own car dealership on us, a platform for members to offer their vehicles for advertising, for members to plug their own products through our free Member Ads. We will also boost your posts across our social media platforms.

Through us you will get discounts on car loans/insurance as well as discounts on vehicle trackers/speed limiters and let’s not forget our cash and car give away.

JOB DESCRIPTION: your job is to bring in members /marketers by drawing their attention to the numerous benefits therein for members and marketers. You will also be expected to market our advert slots which are in form of Special Mention text ads and Page header banners. There is a section specifically for auto and spare parts dealers to register on the website, you are expected to approach all the different groups mentioned above convincing them to come on board.

Every successful registration or sale you make earns you a commission. Don’t forget to tell your potential targets about our social media competitions which can earn them or you 100k plus your commissions.

Learn more about our benefits to members and marketers; we will be happy to welcome you on board