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Our marketing job opportunity is for our members only; Create an Account now to become a member, to gain access to our Whatsapp Online Seminar; to learn effective ways to pitch our products and services and to ultimately join our marketing team as enormous Marketer benefits awaits you.


Marketing job opportunity at 25% commission + another 25% for life on renewals. Join our Whatsapp Online Seminar to learn more about our services.


Every last Thursday of the month over a 24hr period we will be posting on Whatsapp a better understanding of who we are, what our objectives and essence is; we will zero in on our products, services as well as your benefits both as a member - marketer and how to market effectively.

You will be able to ask qestions and after the session has ended, you can do a follow up for more clarification via this email do@usemycar.com.ng

After every session, all participantss numbers will be removed from our whatsapp group as we do not want to clog up your phone with repeated messages from our next session however should you want a refresher, feel free to refill the participation form and we will be happy to have you in the next session.

Must register with a Whatsapp enabled number to participate

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