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Person Tracking

Through our affiliation with a global communications leader in tracking, we now offer a Person Tracking which is designed for your loved ones safety and your peace of mind

With our global person tracking sims, you will always know the location of your loved one, be it children or adults. 

Simply put this sim in your loved one handset or any device sim slot and turn it on; it picks country, city and street locations globally. by sending an sms *11*444# to the sim's number, you will receive an sms back with the location report. you can also login to our location portal, input your UK number to generate current location reports and of course you can always call us for assistance.

Make sure to put credit on your global sim to enable receiving sms reports also you must use your sim to make a call at least once in six months to prevent the network from cancelling your sim for inactivity.

Person Tracking Sim is 20,000 Naira or 55 dollars, it comes with 5 units of credit and assigns a UK number to you that roams free globally. 

There is a monthly rental of 1.5 units on each sim


Every 5 units is 2,500 Naira or $7

Every 10 units is 5,000 Naira or $14

To view your number dial *11*111#

To check your balance dial *11*187#

Know where your loved ones are at all times with our global person tracking.

For more details and your recharges 24/7 call +2348098505453



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