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UseMyCar.com.ng Nigeria’s No 1 Free Premium Car Site:

WHO ARE WE: usemycar.com.ng is primarily a free platform for people to buy and sell vehicles; in fact you can start your own car dealership on us, a platform for members to offer their vehicles for advertising, for members to plug their own products through our free Member Ads. We also boost your posts across our social media platforms.

Through us you will get discounts on car loans/insurance as well as discounts on vehicle trackers/speed limiters and let’s not forget our cash and car give away.

We are about cars plus so much more, for us its mostly about our Members  and bringing great benefits to them regardless of whether you have a car to sell or buy, as long as you are a member, it qualifies you for great benefits - Cash Giveaway over and over again, free Member ads, free car uploads + so much more.

This platform though a huge market in itself is just the foundation. Every building is standing on a foundation but there is more to a building than its foundation. usemycar.com.ng has a solid foundation, a sustainable platform for buying and selling of cars – FREE to all members all year round, which is good but that is not our true essence.

Our true essence lies in our Great Benefits to members, in Member empowerment through job creation and cash giveaways; we constantly think about our members, thinking about our members is what inspires us. Our Cash giveaway is to assist members in their various areas of SME endeavors. Our main objective is impacting our communities through Job creation, SME and Youth empowerment and of course a platform for easy E Commerce.

We celebrate our increase always. Nobody knows when the next Giveaway is coming because it is triggered by new Members registration. But by becoming a Member you never miss out.


CSR: 5% percent of every member registration goes to charity

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